About The Vinyasa Studio

Founded in 2013, The Vinyasa Studio is the first of its kind in Arizona to focus exclusively on the instruction of vinyasa yoga. Classes are not designated by specific levels. They are, however, designed to be physically challenging. While some experience is helpful, it is not entirely necessary. What is most important for the new practitioner is to be patient. This practice is ultimately, and above all, about awareness. 


Proper structure and sequencing is important to fully integrate the benefits of the practice. Classes are conducted in a room warmed to 82 degrees. Classes are structured as follows: warm-up consisting of sun salutations, dynamic standing sequence, inversions and back-bending, deep stretch and seated postures, concluding with savasana and final meditation. Please arrive early and stay for the entire class. 


The Vinyasa Studio is located in the Scottsdale Quarter at 15037 North Scottsdale Road, suite 155, Scottsdale, AZ 85254. Easy access parking is conveniently located in the South Parking structure. 















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